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More Couples Using Prenuptials

Fall Caused by Ice and Snow

Male Workers and Sexual Harassment

Same Sex Divorce when Marriage is Not Recognized

GPS Devices and the
4th Amendment

Responsibility for Divorce Fees When One Spouce Dies

Florida Man Changes State Law

Did You Tell Your Attorney Everything?

Obesity and Discrimination

Assertion of Miranda Rights

Laws Protecting Marriage

Sexual Harassment and Notice

Unreasonable Search
and Seizure

Auto Insurance
to Protect You

Long Term Disability
Claim Denials

Post-Nuptial Property Settlements

Federal Estate Tax

Visitation Rights in
a Same Sex Divorce

Discharge of Student
Loans in Bankruptcy

The Case of the Chineese Drywall

Same Sex Marriage Ruling - Proposition 8

Ignorance of the Facts
and the Law

Your Neighbor
and Their Trees

School & the
Assumption of Risk

Sexual Discrimination
and Title IX

Emails to Lawyer

Fired After Using Medical Leave

Same Sex Adoption

The Right to Jury Trial

Giving Up Unknown Rights

Passenger ID and the 4th Amendment

Cheap Auto Insurance

Creating NEW Californias

Upside Down Car Loan

Mojave Desert Cross

Disability Insurance Accident

Cell Phone Location as Evidence

Terminated While On
Workers Comp

Marital Property and
Sick Leave

Recession and Age Discrimination

Right to Bear Arms

Google, Privacy, Free Speech

Bonus Income and
Marital Property

Work Comp Ski Injury

Suing Internet Websites

Website Comment Responsibility

Federal Estate Tax

Must Engagement Ring Be Returned?

Disability Payments and Federal Tax

Child Support and Prison

Employment Injuries at Home

Stepmother Charged with Kidnaping Step Children

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